A Bigger Penis. Is It Really Possible?


Most men have wondered if there really was a way to make the bigger penis bigger. Most of us know it’s possible with surgery, but many are left wondering “how can you get a bigger penis”, without going under the knife?

This website is dedicated to the truth about penis enlargement; what works, what doesn’t, and why.  With the overwhelming amount unsafe products online such as pumps, pills, lotions and potions (all fake and unproven), it’s important to do some research so you buy the right product and you only buy it once!

It’s important to know, if you really want to know how to make your penis bigger, there is no quick or easy fix. The simple reason is, you need the right product to make it grow, and that takes weeks and months of dedication. You can’t simply pop some magic pill, or use a vacuum pump to make the penis grow. The body’s biological growth process does not work that way.


We reveal the top 4 most safe and effective products


Our minimum requirements:


1) A high quality product is a must.

For a genuine product to make the penis bigger, it must make the penis grow. This can only been done if you use the product for at least 1hr a day. If you want serious results, aim for 4hrs a day. You don’t need to use it every day, day in and day out, but the more the better. Here it becomes obvious, if using for that amount of time, the product must be high quality! You absolutely do not want to be using some low quality gimmick that may break or cause injury. No sir!


2) It must be safe, with no side effects.

There are many products that use the correct principle, but they don’t apply the correct method to induce safe or effective penis growth. Simply put, you must use a product that applies the correct amount of “force” or “tension” to trigger new penis growth. If you use too little tension, you get slow results. But if you use too much, all you will end up doing is stretching the penis, not actually making it grow longer or thicker.

If you use the incorrect product with too much tension and overstretch the penis, you can run into problems such as slow growth, and having to take time off due to injury. Slow growth and time off? No thanks! If you want the best recommended products that will safely and effectively make the penis bigger, you’ve come to the right place!


3) It has to be proven to work.

Similar to above, even if a product is safe, what good is a product if it’s not proven to work? Are we just supposed to take the word of the webisite selling it? If we do, we’ll most likely be trying 101 products before one is found to work well. There must always be some form of real proof and the products we recommend all have it in spades!

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General disclaimer: When using any products we recommend, results can vary from person to person based on how much it’s used, and if correct tension is being applied. Every man has different biological traits so any results we may state on this site are averages We suggest a regular usage routine if you seek similar results.