Jes Extender Review


Honesty disclaimer:

Unlike most review sites, we are not being paid for the below Jes Extender review.

This is simply an honest review of the product written for anyone who may be interested in facts, rather than the hype of most “review sites” out there.


Scope of this review:

The Jes Extender review below will cover 3 main factors which through our own years of personal experience, believe to be of the utmost importance for any Australian man who is considering to use a penis extender for penis enlargement. The penis is a man’s most precious organ and taking risks with unproven or untested products is simply not worth it.

Jes Extender review recommendation guidelines:

1) It has to be high quality.

2) It has to be safe to use. 

3) It has to be proven to work.

Jes Extender ticks all 3 boxes, but please read below to find out more.


Is Jes Extender High Quality?


Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: When we first did our research on Jes Extender, we came across many websites that were spreading a lot of different information about the Jes Extender. However after asking some direct questions to the manufacturer it was quickly realised what was going on.

Truth about  most review sites:

The internet is an absolute priceless resource and has a wealth of information on just about anything, but, and much like the mass media, what if that information has been “gamed” or shaped to look a certain way? What if the majority of “review sites” out there simply have been paid to put a certain point across? When it comes to penis enlargement, you can bet your bottom dollar this is EXACTLY what is going on with most review sites today.

When review sites do not openly declare there is no payment being received for the review – that’s when you have to ask yourself, are they simply making a certain product sound better because there is more commission in it for them? Short answer, YES.

Jes Extender is actually the very first medical grade penis enlarger to be made, ever. It was first invented and tested in 1994 by a specialist medical team in Denmark. Since it was released there has been imitation after imitation. But the thing most men do not realise is the fact that, not all penis extenders are made equally. Sure, they may look very similar but the safety, performance, design and build quality are like “chalk and cheese”.

One major factor about a genuine penis extender like Jes Extender is that it’s not falsely advertised as an approved product like most imitations and copies, it actually is a fully approved penile traction device. This means it’s safe to use without the risk of side effects. Beware of the companies out there that hype up their products, yet offer no approvals or certifications to back the claim.

Check out the Jes Extender Australian Approval certificate:

Jes Extender review image

The above Australian health and safety approval certificate was given to Danamedic, the makers of Jes Extender, after very strict clinical trials and manufacturing standards were meet. To date no other product has been awarded full Australian approval for the purpose of penis enlargement.

Jes Extender is made by a genuine medical company, to exact and precise medical specifications to ensure full safety for the consumer. In all our years of trying various penis enlargement products, what we found was most companies out there get products made very cheaply in China or Taiwan, then get them boxed and packed to look professional.

After all what’s the point in going for some super fantastic looking product, that has rave reviews (which have been paid for) if it’s been cheaply made which may cause short or long term side effects? Check for approvals if you care about your safety and especially the health of your penis.

If you want to go on the “cheap” or “fancy” bandwagon, you are most likely going to be taken for a “merry go round” and it will get you nothing but a lighter wallet. At the end of the day, it’s easy to consider that if a product is genuine, there should be no issue with getting a genuine approval to prove to the public it’s a safe and legitimate product.

Is Jes Extender safe to use?


In short: Yes.

As stated above, the Jes Extender penis enlarger is the first medical grade penile traction device ever to be made. It holds various patents for it’s scientific design. I also holds various health and safety approvals all over the world and it’s successful results have been clinically tested, trialed and documented for over 20 years. One of the main deciding factors in regards to whether Jes Extender is safe and trustworthy is the fact it holds a full and genuine Australian health and safety approval (Jes Extender Australian approval ID: 197042). This means it has been genuinely tested and has passed Australia’s strict standards for health and safety. One of the most important points to consider about it’s Australian TGA registration is that it’s listed purpose is specifically for penis enlargement.

Is Jes Extender’s Proven to Work?


We can say from personal experience*, the results are without a doubt the best proof there is. It definitely works, and works very well. Although we each started out at different dates and all have used for different amounts of time each day, all of us who put this site together have been more than happy with the results. Some of us prefer different attachments to others, for instance some prefer the silicone noose as its seems to hold the penis head better while under higher tensions. While others prefer the thick comfort strap which is more comfortable and better to use at lower tensions and there’s the Velcro attachment (only available with the Gold package) that is more suited to use while sleeping. However, no matter what we preferred to use or how often we used it, we’ve all gained safe results from using Jes Extender. Our usage schedule was as follows: User 1: Ordered the Jes Extender Titanium package. Average use was 2.5 hours a day, 5 days a week, over 5 months. Results were an increase of 3cm in length when erect, 4cm in length when flaccid – girth increase of 1.2cm. Results verified at 3 months after use and again at 6 months with no decrease in size*. User 2: Ordered the Jes Extender Titanium package. Average use was 4 hours a day, 4 days week over 4 months. Results were an increase in of 4cm in length when erect, 5cm in length when flaccid – girth increase of 1.7cm. Results verified at 3 months after use and again at 6 months with no decrease in size*. User 3: Ordered the Jes Extender Gold Ultimate package. Average use was 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, over 4 months (3hrs during sleep, 3hrs while awake). Results were an increase in of 5cm in length when erect – 7cm in length when flaccid – girth increase of 2.4cm. Results verified at 3 months after use and again at 6 months with no decrease in size. This user also follow the extra tips and techniques that only come included with the Gold package*.

In the above usage cases, we all noticed a very significant improvement in the firmness of our erections and the extra “hang” that was noticed when the penis is flaccid, is absolutely amazing. 8 months later and there are still times when the new size has not yet registered into our memory banks and it’s very possible to surprise ourselves at the new size when doing simple things like going for a shower or going to the toilet. It’s quite strange to have a penis of a certain size all your life then to look down and get shocked at the increased size that was forgotten about.

Important to note that User 1 was a previous penile enlargement surgery patient. His increase from the surgery was a very minimal 2.5cm in flaccid length, no girth increase and only a 1cm increase in erect size.  He now has a permanent scar on his pubic region from the incision. The cost of his surgery was $3700 Australian dollars back in 1998. Although his surgery results are permanent, he very much regrets not looking into alternative options as he could have purchased Jes Extender, gone on a nice long holiday, got better results and would always have a product that he could continue to use if he wanted more penis growth – all for the same price as his surgery costs.


Jes Extender Review Conclusion


This concludes our Jes Extender review. Some final advice if you want to order the product: we have recently been informed about counterfeit versions circulating on the black and grey markets. To be sure you’ll receive a genuine product, make sure you order from an official supplier that openly displays the relevant and local approval certificate.

All the best to you and your family.


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General disclaimer: While we strive to provide 100% genuine facts, it’s important to note that when using a product such as the Jes Extender results can vary from person to person based on how much it’s used. We suggest a regular usage routine if you want similar results compared to what we achieved, the most important thing is to stick to it until you get the results you want – you will not regret it!