Penis Enlargement Pumps


Penis pumps work on negative pressure or vacuum and some are falsely advertised for penis enlargement, namely thanks to the cheap Chinese packaging (that company’s can pay next to nothing to have anything printed on them) so we’ll take a look at how they work and if they are effective to give you a bigger penis.

Penis pumps were originally designed to help men with impotence and erectile dysfunction (for those men who can’t “get it up” normally anymore). With excessive pumping, it can draw fluid underneath the skin of the penis and cause a temporary swelling than has caused many a man to think “my penis is bigger”. Only to realise a few hours later, their penis size has returned to normal.

Excessive pumping (anything more than what’s needed to gain an erection) can offer a whole range of unwanted and negative side effects, some of which we’ll point out below:

  • Burst blood capillaries – resulting is spotty red dots
  • Inability to maintain a normal erection
  • Reliance on the pump to gain erections
  • Burst blood vessels – fancy¬† a trip to the E.R, anyone?
  • Excessive lymphatic fluid buildup under the skin

In conclusion to this penis pump review, we will state it plainly and simply. Penis pumps at best can only give temporary results, but one has to outweigh the risk factors for these temporary gains. They can not be used effectively for permanent penis enlargement.


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General disclaimer: While we strive to provide 100% genuine facts, it’s important to note that when using a products we recommend results can vary from person to person based on how much it’s used. We suggest a regular usage routine if you want similar results compared to what we achieved, the most important thing is to stick to it until you get the results you want – you will not regret it!