Penile Augmentation


Below we take a look at penile augmentation, or in other words penis enlargement surgery. We’ll review the various surgical techniques to obtain a bigger penis by way of; phalloplasty, penis enlargement injections and penile implants. Most of these surgical procedures are promoted to increase the thickness but not all are suitable to increase the length of the penis.

Penis Enlargement Surgery


Phalloplasty, by definition means: a plastic surgery procedure to construct,  repair,  or enlarge the penis. The most general type of phalloplasty is for Australian males who want a bigger penis using this procedure.

Penis Injections


Penis injections have been around for a while and there are various materials that can be used if wanting to get a bigger penis with this method.

Fat injections are a plastic surgery technique which can enlarge penis girth (thickness). The surgical procedure is completed as day surgery normally whilst under general anesthesia. The fat injected is usually extracted from the abdomen or buttocks through a small surgical incision. It’s then usually injected through multiple incisions under the foreskin or just below the penis glans (head). The stitches and surgical incisions can heal with slight scarring but are usually not very noticeable if the technique is performed by a well trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Penis Implants


Penile implants aka internal penile pumps are one of many options available within Australia to help increase penis size (usually only in thickness). They can also be used to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Impotence. Penile implants are a small implanted device that is placed within the penis and is controlled externally via a hand pump to create an erection.

There is another type of penis implant that uses a flexible rod and produces a permanently firm penis, however between the two, the inflatable implants produce a more natural erection in line with normal biology and the erection is only initiated when there is the need for it.

Cost of Penile Surgery


The general cost of the above procedures range in the vicinity of between $3000 to $8500 Australia dollars.

Risks of Penile Surgery


There are some significant risk that can result from  penis enlargement surgery, however these risks are usually heavily minimised if the procedure is done by an experienced and well trained cosmetic surgeon. It is always highly suggested to openly discuss all possible risks with your doctor or healthcare provider before undergoing any type of penile augmentation procedure.

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