Penis Extender Review


Welcome to our penis extender review. A genuine penis extender uses a penile traction force of between 600 to 1500 grams to trigger new growth in the penis. According to current scientific and medical literature, penile traction in that range is the only safe and proven way to enlarge or straighten the penis.

Below we reveal some history of the penis extender and our comparison of the most highly advertised penis extender’s currently available. If there is one thing to take away, it’s that not all penis extenders are made equal. There are many poor quality imitations on the market today that use dangerous amounts of tension and you should steer clear of these at all costs!


History of the Penis Extender


The penis extender, also known as a penile traction device was first designed and patented in 1994 in Denmark by a medical company called Danamedic, based in Denmark. They make Jes Extender a penis extender that’s been scientifically designed, medically documented and clinically proven to naturally encourage penis growth.


Jes Extender Gold Ultimate – Australian TGA approval: 197042 – The top-range product offering from Jes Extender, the makers of the first medically proven and patented penis extender. The highest quality product available today and in our opinion, the most effective.



In 1995 Andromedical, another medical company based in Spain, developed their product the Andropenis Gold to help men prevent penile shortening  post surgery when after procedures such as prostate surgery or surgical treatment for Peyronie’s disease (severe penis curvature).

andropenis gold penis extender image
Andropenis Gold – Australian TGA approval: 154288 – Originally developed for post surgical applications such as to prevention of penile shortening after surgery – the major downside to this product, is not having tension indicators.

Recent Penis Extenders


A serious warning for men considering to purchase a penis extender. Since the first two genuine medical grade products were released over 20 years ago, the internet has been flooded with poorly made imitations and copy cat products of extremely low quality and safety.

Most of the imitations get made in China then get exported (mainly to America). Then they get packaged and branded with catchy names, get sold on fancy websites and are heavily promoted on PAID review sites. This elaborate hoax is all done to fool men into believing they are legitimate devices – and it works!

Below we write about our personal experiences with various penis extenders.


Penis Extender’s we’ve reviewed


Penis extender’s we’ve tested and reviewed (last updated: March 2019);


Legitimate Penis Extender’s:

  1.  Jes Extender (read the full Jes Extender Review)
  2.  Andropenis Gold (read the full Andropenis Gold Review)

Fake or Unsafe Penis Extenders:

  1. SizeGenetics (read the full SizeGenetics Review)
  2. Quick Extender Pro (read the full Quick Extender Pro Review)
  3. X4 Labs (read the full X4 Labs Review)
  4. Male Edge (full review coming soon)

Penis Extender Review Summary


To find out the pros and cons and any issues we had with the above products, click on the full review links next to each product above.

Our recommendation is to avoid the above penis extenders under the “fake or unsafe” penis extender category. The full reasons can be read about in their reviews. In truth, they are either not medical grade devices and/or they are unsafe.

The fact is, the poorly made fakes are made with very low quality components (usually on mass produced Chinese production lines), and to use medically unsafe and unproven tensions with low quality devices is just ASKING FOR TROUBLE.

Our simple advice is to stick with the proven brands that have done the right thing and have been doing the right thing for almost 20 years.

There’s no better teacher than experience in life. We truly hope that you will benefit from ours and this penis extender review when it comes to choosing the best penile traction device for your needs.




General disclaimer: While we strive to provide 100% genuine facts, it’s important to note that when using the penis extender’s we recommend, results can vary from person to person based on how much it’s used. We suggest a regular usage routine if you want similar results compared to what we achieved, the most important thing is to stick to it until you get the results you want – you will not regret it!