Quick Extender Pro Review


Honesty disclaimer:

Unlike most review sites, we are not being paid for the below Quick Extender Pro review. We have nothing to sell. We do not receive any commission by providing you a B.S “discount code” to enter.

This is simply an honest review of the product written for anyone who may be interested in facts, rather than the hype of most “review sites” out there.

Scope of this review:

The Quick Extender Pro review below will cover 3 main factors which through our own years of personal experience, believe to be of the utmost importance when considering penis enlargement. The penis is a man’s most precious organ and taking risks with unproven or untested products is simply not worth it.

Quick Extender Pro review recommendation guidelines:

1) It has to be high quality. 

2) It has to be safe to use. 

3) It has to be proven to work. 

After first reviewing and testing Quick Extender Pro earlier this year, it could not tick even 1 box, this product and X4 labs are by far the worst products we’ve ever wasted our money on.  Read below to find out why.


Is Quick Extender Pro High Quality?


Short Answer: No!

When we first used unpacked the product from the storage box it was easy to tell from first glance that the quality of this substandard product was very, very low.

Just by handling the device and compressing the springs etc. it felt so flimsy and of low quality that we were questioning to use this product on our penis for any extended period of time.

It’s true that perhaps we’ve been spoiled in our expectations by former high quality products we’ve tested such as the Jes Extender and Andropenis Gold but in any case this product was seriously lacking in both quality workmanship and sturdiness which overall drops the quality of Quick Extender Pro down to a 3 out of 10.


Is Quick Extender Pro Safe to Use?


In short: We feel it’s a definite no!

While we never experienced any side effects from using the product, we never used it for more than about an hour due to the severe discomfort that was felt from the tension springs that were clearly way too high in design for this flimsy and low quality device.

The DSS or double strap system gimmick is a joke. Yes, to be honest that’s why we thought we’d try it out, also the pricing was fairly cheap so we thought why not?

Even when trying to use two straps at once (which is virtually impossible to do) the tension level of the Quick Extender Pro was simply far to high, even with minimum compression in the tension cylinders, it’s clear to see this company has used clever marketing tricks to trick newer penis extender user into buying their products. After all we are not new to penis extenders, or using them, but we still fell for their hype.

When inquiring with their customer support the responses magically slowed to a halt once they new were had already purchased and were highly unsatisfied. But in the beginning the responses received were within hours.

A shady company and a very low quality gimmick product? To say the least!


Has Quick Extender Pro Been Proven to Work?


In short: No!

Not only were we not willing to use this product for more than an hour (due to total discomfort and with with fear it may break), there is not one credible study, trial or approval to back up any claim this product makes.

Quick Extender Pro Review Conclusion


Steer clear of Quick Extender Pro! Unless of course you want to waste your money and potentially hurt yourself!

All the best to you and your family.


Your local Aussie team at Biggerpenis.com.au


General disclaimer: While we strive to provide 100% genuine facts, it’s important to note that when using a genuine penis enlargement product (Quick Extender Pro is not genuine) such as we ave reviewed on different pages, results can vary from person to person based on how much it’s used. We suggest a regular usage routine if you want similar results compared to what we achieved, the most important thing is to stock to it until you get the results you want – you will not regret it!