X4 Labs Review


Honesty disclaimer:

Unlike most review sites, we are not being paid for the below X4 labs review. We do not sell anything on this site. We do not receive any commission by providing you a B.S “discount code” to enter.

This is simply an honest review of the product written for anyone who may be interested in facts, rather than the hype of most “review sites” out there.

Scope of this review:

The X4 labs review below will cover 3 main factors which through our own years of personal experience, believe to be of the utmost importance when considering penis enlargement. The penis is a man’s most precious organ and taking risks with unproven or untested products is simply not worth it.

X4 Labs review recommendation guidelines:

1) It has to be high quality. 

2) It has to be safe to use. 

3) It has to be proven to work. 

Upon first reviewing  X4 Labs in 2015, it could not even tick even 1 box, this product and Quick Extender Pro are by far the worst products we’ve ever wasted our money on.  Read below to find out why.


Is X4 Labs High Quality?


Short Answer: No!

X4 Labs is clearly another one of those cheap Chinese made copies of a genuine and legitimate penis extender such as Jes Extender or Andropenis Gold which have been around for over 20 years.

How X4 labs has been able to remain afloat since 2005 is anyone’s guess but the quality of this brand of penis extender is certainly not very good, we would rate the quality of workmanship and sturdiness at a 4 out of 10 at the most.


Is X4 Labs Safe to Use?


Short answer: No!

Upon doing some research we was found that X4 labs does not hold any genuine approvals or certifications for their penis extender’s. There business is based in Canada however the quality of the products clearly indicate they are very cheaply made and in more often that not, places that do not have any standards for safety or quality control.

Even in their own country they hold zero approvals or certifications which means they have never actually had their products tested or verified for safety by anyone.


Has X4Labs Been Proven to Work?


In our experience companies like X4 Labs rely on nothing but hype and fake review sites to sell their products. For a company to sell something  (a penis extender) that can potentially change the biological makeup of a human being (case or create growth) – to not have their products properly made, tested and certified is a very, very wrong thing to do.

There are very good reasons why genuine medical grade products have to go through rigorous clinical trials, testing and approvals before they are legally allowed to be sold to the public – that main reason is to ensure the safety of consumers who use the product. When a company does not submit their products for testing or can not get a proper approval from a genuine Government agency, especially after 11 years of being on the market, then there is definitely something very wrong.

X4 Labs Review Conclusion


Another day, another scam product with nobody that’s verified the safety, quality or effectiveness of their products.

If you value the health of your penis, stick with one if the genuinely approved products.

All the best to you and your family.


Your local Aussie team at Biggerpenis.com.au


General disclaimer: While we strive to provide 100% genuine facts, it’s important to note that when using a genuine product for penis enlargement (X4 Labs is NOT a genuine product), results can vary from person to person based on how much it’s used. We suggest a regular usage routine if you want similar results compared to what we achieved, the most important thing is to stock to it until you get the results you want – you will not regret it!